Recruiting agencies: How to select the right agency

Benefits of working with a recruiting agency. Reasons why employers work with recruitment agencies:. How does a recruiting agency function? How to choose the right recruiting agency. How to work best with a recruiting agency.

Benefits of working with a recruiting agency

A recruiting agency works as an intermediary between the candidates (jobseeker) and the client (employer). Specialized recruiting consultants (representatives of personal agency) select and evaluate the right candidates that correspond with the requests of the client and facilitate the meeting between the two parts. Your appointed consultant can also give you tips and advices on how to prepare for the interview because they know very well their clients and what they are looking for.

Reasons why employers work with recruitment agencies:

  • When recruiting for a new position in which the employer does not have expertise
  • When the recruiting process should be confidential due to competition on the market
  • When they are overloaded with work and they do not have the capacity to undertake a new project

How does a recruiting agency function?

  • The employer contacts the recruiting agency to assist them in the recruiting process for one or more available positions
  • According to the client’s request, the recruiting agency is searching & selecting the right candidates for the available positions. The candidates are carefully selected using specific methods and will be invited for an interview.
  • The candidates DON’T pay for the recruitment services offered by the recruiting agency;
  • The client is the one that pays for the recruiting services provide according to their initial agreement. Usually, the fee consists in a percentage of the brut annual salary of the places candidate.

How to choose the right recruiting agency

Recruiting agencies are different according to the type of services which they offer, the region where they operate, the sectors that they cover and types of jobs which they offer. When you are searching for a partner that can help you in the recruitment process it is very important that you choose the agency that fits you:

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  • Make a list of recruiting agencies which operate in the region where you are looking for a job
  • Find out as much information as possible about their activity, expertise, sectors they cover, types of jobs they offer and.
  • Choose only those recruiting agencies which correspond to your area of specialization; you will have much better chance to succeed because those agencies have the right expertise in that area and lave a large network of partners.

How to work best with a recruiting agency

  • Send your personalized CV according to the sector and position that you are applying for to the consultant which covers that sector.
  • Let them know if there are any constraints: starting date, salary etc
  • Let them know if you don’t want your CV to be seen by certain companies due to confidentiality reason

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