Temporary Employment

When you are in need of temporary staff, you can use temporary employment services which are designed to help you manage short term demand by supplying trained personnel which will be on our pay roll and “rented” to your company.

Temporary staff does not refer just to secretaries or workers but to a more diverse and highly qualified staff such as: lawyers, IT specialists, financial advisers, accountants, engineers, marketing & PR specialists etc.


  • easy and quick adjustment to workload fluctuations: you can have immediate access to our network of skilled temporary staff
  • staffing flexibility: you can plan flexible work arrangements according to your actual needs
  • no risks, no commitment: you can evaluate a temporary worker and decide if you would like to employ him on a long term or not without any obligations
  • save time and money with the recruiting failures

Please contact us for more information on Williams & Partner Temporary employment solutions at: or tel: +420 222 550 070

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